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This farmhouse dates back to 1725 and was one of Simon van der Stel's outlying farms. Carriages used to stop over at this farm to get refreshed prior to heading up further north.

The house is really full of character and one must understand this when you see it. Even the gables are leaning over a little due to it being as old as it is which creates huge character for this 6 gables homestead.

There are solid yellow wood beams in all the bedrooms but let me make it clear that work needs to be done here to bring out the beauty of this majestic old lady. She is sitting amongst some gorgeous oak trees and an interesting palm tree which was identified as one of the tallest examples of this tree in South Africa.

This is always the big question for farms and the good news with this one is that because it is one of the oldest farms in Stellenbosch, it was built with a large dam that captured all the water running out of the kloof and provides ample water for the farms 40ha of vineyards to be irrigated quite easily. In fact, at the dam wall, there is a flow of water which is very cold which the staff make full use of during harvest. Very clean and tastes fantastic. This stunning water is just allowed to run into the lands.

Another interesting fact is that right outside the manor house, there are been a few water diviners who have all indicated on separate occasions that a large water source runs below the ground between two trees with the one being the extremely tall palm tree which could explain its height. The water is apparently not very deep so a well or borehole could be installed here for additional water if required.

Apart from the manor house, there is second house that is tenanted together with a large barn he uses for tractors and other vehicles to be stored in. He also has a fertilizer storeroom and a building that housed an old wine cellar dating back to 1941. The cellar is falling apart but with some imagination, this could be rebuilt. 

There is also another building that used to house a small church that has also fallen in disrepair and needs some loving care.

The farm is a turn key operation including 3 tractors and implements in order to carry on farming as is. 

With this sort of water supply, one could look at supplementing the income by planting alternative crops like berry's or Lemon trees which should do very well here. Gooseberry's should be considered. The vineyards consist of Shiraz, Merlot and Chenin Blanc varieties with small amounts of Riesling. 

Included in the sale are Koelenhof Shares which entitles you to supply your grapes to them and obviously the share have a value which could easily be sold. They carry a value today of around R1.2 million.

Asking price for the farm is a very reasonable R15,95 million excluding VAT. If you purchase the farm using a VAT registered entity then the sale is ZERO rated implying no VAT actually paid.

The farm consists of 4 separate titles which gives you the right to build at least two houses on each title so a total of 8 houses in total could be built here and the titles sold off individually if so required.

I look forward to answering questions you may have around the farm because this is a special one, very special. 

Gary Terblanche - 083 544 8574

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