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The house in Darling, which has so much character, was in a fairly poor state with many cracks, some of which were severe and required new expansion joints to be cut. There were also areas where plaster had fallen off, some water damaged masonry areas, and the paintwork was very old, flaking & chalking. The painted timber fascias & window frames were also in a poor condition, and needed repairs and/or replacement. The window putty was also cracked and missing in areas. In a number of places, on opening up of cracks, large chunks of plaster came away from the brickwork. The portfolio pics below will show the problem areas clearly, as well as our work in progress and end results. Our client was extremely happy with the end results, and specifically that we had researched and found Breathecoat products (click here to view website)

Pierre Daneels - Director Cape Master Painters (click here to view website)






The details below from Cape Master Paints' initial scope of work provide a good summary of the project:

  • Hydroblast or hose & brush substrates to remove loose/peeling paint, surface contaminants, friable materials and chalkiness. Any remaining loose flaking paint/varnish will be removed by scraping and/or sanding to a firm edge
  • Fungal/algae growth areas will be scrubbed with bleach solution, brushed clean and rinsed thoroughly.
  • Clearing and cleaning of all gutters & downpipes.
  • Repair, preparation and redecoration (2 top coats) of the previously painted exterior building walls, previously painted or varnished timber beams, fascias, bargeboards & eaves, timber & steel windows, door & frame exteriors.
  • Hairline cracks will be scrubbed open, cleaned, spot primed and filled with BREATHECOAT® CRACK SUPER REPAIR BOND, smoothed off and sanded, prior to application of 2 top coats.
  • Large cracks will be raked and chopped  out on either side, apply  BREATHECOAT® CRACK SUPER REPAIR BOND and fill with POLYFILLA® MASONRY PATCHING PLASTER (where necessary), smooth off and sand down. Remove dust  and apply PROMINENT FIBRESEAL® waterproofing compound prior to application of 2 top coats.
  • Remove old, cracked window putty where required, and apply new window putty, prime & paint.
  •  Seal window frames, parapet junctures and any other necessary areas with BOSTIK POWER MASTIC® or SIKA® equivalent and/or ABE membrane & SUPER LAYKOLD® waterproofing system.
  • Seal missing fascia area at side of house and install new primed & painted timber fascia.
  • Create new V-joints at two walls as discussed, apply SILTECH® or similar single pack polyurethane sealant into the void and tool firmly against the joint side to promote adhesion. Allow to cure, fill remaining gaps with mortar mix, apply PROMINENT FIBRESEAL® waterproofing compound prior to application of 2 top coats.
  • All parapets and window sills to be coated with PROMINENT FIBRESEAL® - flexible, crack-proof, fibre-reinforced waterproof acrylic – prior to application of 2 top coats.
  • Water-damaged masonry areas will be stripped to bare masonry , cleaned, primed with 2 coats of   PROMINENT DAMPCURE® prior to application of 2 top coats.
  • Natural timber fascias, bargeboards, doors & frames will be sanded prior to application of 2 top coats of  PROMINENT PAINTS WOODDRESSING® - 5 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY  (should be re-applied every 3 years in coastal conditions).


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