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Men of the Times - Pioneers of the Transvaal and Glimpses of South Africa (1905)
Church Tourism in South Africa - A Travel Odyssey
Architectural Guides Then and Now
Review of Tea at Ansteys
The Golden Crown versus 100 Years of Mining
Termites of the Gods - San Cosmology in Southern African Rock Art
In the Footsteps of Gandhi - A Fascinating Work of Local History
Battle of the Books - Treasures of the Africana Museum versus Pictorial History of Johannesburg
Battle of the Books - South African Church Architecture
The First Serious Study of the Life and Work of Nita Spilhaus
Gandhi's Johannesburg Birthplace of Satyagraha
The Early Architects of Johannesburg and their buildings (1886-1899)
The Early Architects of Cape Town and their buildings (1820-1926)
A Statement in Stone
Three Histories of The Rand Club
Battle of the Books - Monuments of South Africa
The Barnett Collection Volumes I and II
Viewpoints - The University of Cape Town and Its Treasures
Insider and Outsider views of Fietas/Pageview
Western Provincial versus Transvaal Republican
Changing Space, Changing City - A landmark investigation of the modern mixed metropolis that is Johannesburg
Early Johannesburg versus Magnates and Mansions
A Look at Two Books by Hannes Meiring
Parktown 1992 vs Parktown 2012
Sandton versus Johannesburg
Spruit Trail vs Ridge Trail
Johannesburg Firemen vs Engineers
Battle of the Books - Robben Island
The Old Hotels of Cape Town (1890-1911) by Michael Walker
Franco Frescura reviews 'Architectural Conservation in South Africa since 1994: 100+ Projects'
Two books by the man who shaped the collections of the Johannesburg City Library