HASA Awards

[Published in 2013] Heritage SA, the oldest and largest heritage organisation in the country, recently held its annual symposium. One of the highlights was the gala dinner and awards ceremony where individuals from around the country were honoured for their contribution to heritage. The Heritage SA Gold Medal, the most prestigious award recognising achievement on a national level, was bestowed on Dr Roger Fisher. Below is the citation that accompanied the Medal.

[Originally published March 2012] Every year Heritage SA (renamed the Heritage Association of South Africa) runs a powerful symposium for its members and affiliates. Last year the Drakenstein Heritage Foundation played host and selected the following theme: 'The role of inidgenous peoples, settlers and slaves in creating 18th century opulence at the Cape.' Below is a report that appeared on the Heritage SA website via Courant Vant Vlekaancaap.

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