I Love Kensington Association (ILKA)

There are about 5200 properties in Kensington, making it the largest suburb in Johannesburg. It stretches from Fairview and Troyeville in the West, to Eastgate and Bedfordview border in the East. It is bounded by Belgravia and Malvern in the South and by Judith's Paarl, Bezuidenhout Valley, Dewetshof and Bruma in the North.

Kensington is laid out over the slopes of several koppies. The streets were laid out in 1902, when the suburb was proclaimed from a section of the Doornfontein farm. The streets were quickly and heavily planted with trees, which give the area a distinctive, wooded appearance. Stands are typically 450m2 or 900m2 in size.

The new committee which came took over in march 2015 has already started preparing a wonderful way forward for our village with main objectives being safe and clean. With long term plans to reclaim our parks and street as a whole.


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