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My name is Demi Hunter Battle. I have a postgraduate Degree in Archaeology. I did my honours project on archaeozoological remains through UNISA and I worked with Dr. Annie Antonites throughout my honours project. I have some knowledge of museum operations and honours level knowledge of research and research methodologies. I worked in both TUKS and UNISA labs as a data analyzer and cataloger of artefacts, on my own and in a team. During my honours I even had the wonderful opportunity to use the catalogues below Ditsong in Pretoria to identify some of the archaeozoological remains that I was studying. I have only been on 3 proper archaeological excavations but have quite a bit of experience doing collections management as you will be able to see through my CV which is attached. I am eager to learn and hope that you possibly have work that could help a budding archaeologist in her career.

Thanking you for your time

Demi Battle 079 778 0896 | demi.battle@yahoo.com

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