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I established the South-African Legends Museum in August 2019 to honour the legends in the South-African entertainment / sports / arts industry. Too often we hear that it is out of fashion to get old and too often the people that entertained us are forgotten. 

My uncle, theatre legend Siegfried Mynhardt (1906-1996) was a legendary South-African actor who started theatre in this country and opened the Pretoria State Theatre. He was the first person who walked onto the theatre stage and he said the first words that were ever said on that stage. Sadly he passed away 23 years ago. 

I grew up being surrounded by many of these actors, singers and radio and TV personalities. After writing two biographies of two well known Afrikaans legends (Cora Marie in 2011 and Min Shaw in 2019) I decided to start the SA legends museum- a Place where all of these South African royalties will be honoured. A Place where their awards, gold records, stage costumes, photographs etc. can be kept safely and displayed. A Place that will be open to the South-African public.  

I decided to take on this project without any government funding. I took this step further by making busts of each of the legends that we want to honour. (Those that are still alive). For those that have already passed the process of making a bust is a little bit more difficult!

We have made 25 busts of the living legends and this includes English and Afrikaans legends. White, coloured and black legends. The plan is to add more legends to the museum once a year. 

If anyone has space, preferably in a heritage site, to house the museum please let me know. Email - info@salegendsmuseum.co.za. Click here to view our website.

Our plan is to host a media afternoon with the legends and the media to introduce and officially open the museum on Sunday, 26 January 2020. 

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