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You’ve done it before. Been to some of the battlefields. But this time it’s just a little different. We have permission to be on Isandlwana battlefield after dark – and yes the ghosts do walk here. Are you brave enough to find out?

We are offering a special tour with access to sites that the public do not normally have the ability to visit. Happening 23-24 September 2019. Download the full programme below.

Specialist guides who have spent many years researching and walking these sites will share their knowledge and experiences with you. This morning Pat and I were counting how many people know of the Zulu assegai sharpening site. Well on one hand we still had a spare finger. And you very often get to see otters here as well.
Come and join us on a different tour to see some well-known sites but others that you might never again get a chance to experience. We will promise that we won’t leave you behind as a meal for the cannibals. Defeated by King Dingane’s impi’s in 1828 and scattered or walled up in ancient caves- which I opened and explored for the first time in 1982 – you will be enthralled by this tale.

Forts built in 1878 to defend the Natal frontier, still standing roof high and others only a shadow on the ground but all with a story.

The beautiful rock paintings that abound in our area and which are considerably older than those of the Drakensberg.

Good food, good company and great stories of our past. What more could you want? Ah! We are going to launch our unique “Isandlwana rum knock-out” Will need it to keep the cold and the ghosts at bay.
Overnight recommendation is Elandsheim www.elandsheim.co.za where we have been offered a superb rate for B&B of R295/person. Our Monday evening meal will also be here, around the great fire pit. But beware it gets cold at night here , even in summer, so bring your warm  jackets.
So contact Pam McFadden on info@talana.co.za to sign up for a wonderful trip in to the history of the Dundee/Helpmekaar area.
And if you want to make a longer weekend of it join us for Soundwave Dundee. 4 Musical performances from Friday to Sunday evening. Tickets for these performances available on www.quicket.co.za
We have been amazed and exhilarated listening to some of the performers in their auditions. Talent that you are not aware of and your jaw drops as you hear music that lifts your soul.

Some of our historic churches are the venues for these performances.

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