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The Sandspruit rises in the koppie under Bellevue and follows a subterranean path before gushing forth as the Orange Grove Waterfall. 

The Waterfall’s scenic beauty and crystal clear waters were appreciated by the City’s first inhabitants, and soon a hotel and tearoom were established nearby, and the area became a popular resort, especially over weekends. Some of the attractions offered by the tearoom were Sunday concerts, a coach ride from the centre of town at one shilling per ride, and air balloon ascents.

Today the Waterfall is sadly forgotten, hidden in a corner of a poorly-tended property and behind an ugly wall. But the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation is determined that it be rediscovered and restored as an asset to the City and its Citizens.

Join Brett McDougall as he walks us through the research he has conducted on the Waterfall and surrounding neighbourhood. Discover magnificent art deco apartment blocks, fascinating political history, and learn why Joburg must do all it can to rediscover the Orange Grove Waterfall.

Email Eira from the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation to book - mail@joburgheritage.co.za



GUIDES: Brett McDougall and Gail Wilson

TIME: 14h00

PARK: Houghton Office Park, 2 Osborne Road, Houghton

COST: R90 for members and R150 for non-members 

DURATION: Approximately 3 hours


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