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The Cape Town Heritage Trust has embarked on a project to identify and mark Cape Town’s original shoreline. As we all know the shoreline has been subject to change over the centuries with the most significant resulting from the Foreshore reclamation project of the 1930s. But even prior to that the shoreline has changed as a result of silting up, as can be seen in older maps of the city. The project aims to identify the earliest shoreline, with its diversity of sandy beaches (Thibault Square!) used by fishing boats and rocky promontories. It is the story of San and Khoi hunter gatherers, fishermen and sailors, shipwrecks and adventurers.

The project, in collaboration with partners, aims to mark the original shoreline and tell the stories of events on the shore. This involves considerable research and creative thinking. The talk will describe some of the findings and the ways in which the original shoreline will be marked and celebrated.

Speakers: Laura Robinson, Terri Carter & Alex Jongens

Date: 20 March 2018 19h45-21h30

Venue: The Athenaeum Boundary Terraces Newlands at the intersection of Mariendahl and Campground Roads

RSVP: info@vassa.org.za

About Laura Robinson:

Laura is the CEO of the Cape Town Heritage Trust. She is an architect and specialist heritage consultant who works with both international and local heritage authorities. She also currently serves as the Treasurer of ICOMOS (The International Council for Monuments & Sites) the leading international NGO on the cultural heritage of monuments and sites. Amongst other activities, ICOMOS advises UNESCO and the World Heritage Centre on sites nominated for World Heritage status.

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