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The Anderson Museum is a community-run local history museum in Dordrecht, a town in South Africa's Eastern Cape. Among the exhibits are clothing and household items from days gone by, Anglo-Boer War memorabilia, and antique agricultural equipment and machinery such as an ox-wagon and a tractor that ran on metal wheels. Visitors will also want to view the gallery of Bushman rock art and a small but fascinating display of local dinosaur and plant fossils. Click here for more information.

The Border Historical Society of East London is arranging a visit to this fascinating local museum on 24/25 March 2018 with the following programme:

24 March (Saturday)

  • Arrive for tea at the Anderson Museum 10:00
  • Ben Maclennan, the knowledgeable and enthusiastic chairman, will conduct a tour of the museum. If time allows we will move to the church two blocks away where there is a memorial to slain Boers where Ben will share about the memorial and the rebels.
  • Then we drive out to Moordenaarspoort to have a picnic lunch that members bring with them.
  • This will be followed by a visit to the Smuts ambush site, where Ben hopes to arrange a talk by farm owner, Daantjie Schoeman, about the ambush.
  • Back to Dordrecht, where those wishing to go back to EL can do so while the remainder will find local accommodation

25 March (Sunday)

  • Visit the dinosaur site.
  • Visit a rock art (Bushman painting) site to the north of Dordrecht. There are several to choose from, the better sites requiring a longer hike to reach them.
  • Return to EL 15:00

RSVP: viv.mostert@gmail.com by 27 February 2018 (so arrangements can be made).

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